Bauer MC96 duty cycle crane

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Bauer MC96 duty cycle crane

Bauer MC96 duty cycle crane, lift capacity 130 tons, The BC 35 HDS-T Trench Cutter is configured to a width of 1.2m with 1.5m cutting wheels and has a hose drum system, performance 450 m3/h, weight 45 tons, weight crane 120 tons, maximum speed 0.96 km/h.
Engine: Cat C18 766 HP
Manufactured in the Germany in 2016.

BYMO/Brami, Zolling Bayern Deutschland, BR25027/1, Made in China in 2018.
 Произведено:  BRAMI/Bymo
 Масштаб:  1:50

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Bauer MC96 duty cycle crane

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Производитель:  Bauer
Страна производства:  Germany